This are the lists of novel that I have written


The story is about miracles. It tells the stories of amazing reincarnation of 5 characters... Purbani Jaya, Nadeem Ajala, Banyu Anggoro, Wanda Kraka, dan Maya Sinora have their own life, different profession, family background, and place to live, they don't even know one another, however they have amazing uniqueness that comes into their life. Fantasies and dreams of their former life become true just because they have very good life record. They have a sincere hearts, natural, and pure. However, one of them doesn't recieved as they expected. Who is the person that doesn't have a smooth reincarnation? What did the person do in their previous life? Curious to find the perfect life of each character? their profession, family, power, love, and even hope? find out more by reading the novel... ;)More

Genre: Novel, Fiction, Romance, Metropop

2010 - now
I Need Art In Love

The story revolves around two teenagers that needed the art of loving in order to love each other

Genre: Novel, Fiction, Erotic Romance, Metropop

Dua Kotak Coklat DiSetiap Malam

Everyday at mid, I must exactly eat two boxes of chocolate. Otherwise, something bad will happen.

Genre: Novel, Suspense, Thriller, Fiction

Futuristic 616

Welcome to the year 2616. The world is in chaos, robots are fighting with humans. Nobody wants to give up their rights.

Genre: Novel, Sci-fi, Drama